Universal Studios

We finished up with our 3 days at Disneyland yesterday and today we drove up to Universal Studios to spend the day with Tanya’s sister Sue…and then later joined up with her husband Keith.

As you might imagine, Tanya and I were pretty beat after 3 days of Disney. The kids were ready for more though. We were all excited to spend more time with family — especially before leaving this part of the country for who knows how long.

Universal Studios always seems to have fun little changes so that there’s something new each time you visit. Halloween was going on this time.

Sophia and Cameron both got a kick out of Shrek and Fiona.

Scooby and his gang too!

Hogsmeade was spell-filled as always. I got Expeliamos’ed almost immediately after entering the village, as always.

It’s always sad to see Magnum P.I.’s car rotting on the back lot.

Sophia says she wants one of these.

Gotta have photos in front of fake landscapes too!

Hogwarts is so cool looking.

Sophia got in on the Hogwarts photo-taking action too.

I’m pretty sure if my shop in the back yard looked like that, the kids would be ok with it.

The toughest thing about this trip is all the goodbyes we’re saying. We see a lot of people on this side of the country fairly often, but once we move we don’t really know how often we’ll see everyone. However, it’s awesome to see how much love Sophia & Cameron give everyone. This trip is a great reminder that we need to make time away from work and our busy lives to see everyone (and also that we really should buy another airplane!).

Tomorrow is a travel day. It’s time for Spot #6!

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