Spot #15 – Bean Hill – Westbrook, MN

We woke up fairly early this morning and hit the road. Getting ready to go, we were able to take a look at the campground. There were hundreds of geese chattering, perhaps about how the lake just to the south would ice over before long. Maybe it was the wind. Howling. Honking even.

The drive today, even with the wind, was uneventful. I-90 wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped, so it was tough for the kids to do their school work while we were driving. Still, they got stuff done.

Along the way, there were several Lewis & Clark Expedition learning centers & museums. There was even a replica of one of their boats that we crawled all over. Good learning at rest stops – who knew?

We made it to Minnesota mid-afternoon. The Welcome Center had all kinds of magazines & brochures that the kids devoured learning about the state. “Are there really 10,000 lakes?”

We made it to the family farm just in time to see the sunset. After two long travel days, we were happy to put the truck in park.

We plan on staying for several days. It looks like we’ve successfully dodged the worst of the big winter storm (although we’ll still get wet & snowy). We haven’t had a chance to explore the farm yet this visit, but there has been a ton of cleanup and other work since we were last here. It’s great to be here!

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