Westbrook Day 4

Today was the last full day at the family farm in Westbrook, MN. We started out the day with a full family breakfast. I didn’t do a great job cooking the diced & seasoned potatoes, but everything else (that Tanya cooked) was super yummy. Jay & I made sure there were no bacon leftovers.

After breakfast we said goodbye to Mom & Jay. They started their 2-day drive back to their home in Michigan. It was great to see them again and the twins got some great grandparent time.

There was enough of a break in the snow & rain for us to catch up on our map-o-travels on the back of our travel trailer.

We knocked out Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota over the last week. Here are the places we’ve traveled in with our travel trailer as of today.

The weather was much nicer today. Still cold, but the wind was much lighter and the snow never got heavier than a flurry. Sooooo….more BB guns!

We’re, of course, still working on everything with the twins, but they’re starting to think about how they’re shooting and how they can get better. We also verified that old boxes make great target stands for the Minecraft zombie & skeleton targets I printed out…

After lunch, my uncle Vern and aunt Wendy stopped by from Sioux Falls. Vern brought some super fun Sphero BB-8 and BB-9 Star Wars Droids that the twins fell in love with. Sophia especially couldn’t get enough.

After a while, we all went out back so the twins could show off their budding marksmanship skills. While back there, Vern & Sophia were interested in the results of the water-filled Coke can shots from the other day. So, we set up another one with a rock-shielded iPhone shooting slow-mo video.

The interesting thing we learned was that the giant split in the can that I talked about the other day doesn’t happen in the back like I previously reported. Wrong! It happened on the front of the can. Here’s the slow-mo proof (the pellet gun is shot from the left in this video).

Wendy did an awesome job with the pellet gun. Vern and I also squeezed off a few rounds. The kids plinked like mad. If there was any doubt, making a can do flips with a BB gun is good clean fun for all ages.

Vern & Wendy left before dinner and made their way back to Sioux Falls. The kids decided to have some final fun around the farm. They both spend some time exploring, driving their r/c cars and taking in the landscape and old barns.

Sophia made sure I got her r/c car in this shot…

Our last full day at the farm is done. Tomorrow, we’re heading south for warmer weather and for more family time. We’re going to try to scoot fast to our next (far away) destination, so the next two days will bring some serious driving.


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  1. Grew up in MN, so I don’t think there’s anywhere better to be on a fine summer (or mild winter) day than a farm in the heartland! Looks like a great time & so happy the twins are getting quality family time. And the Coke can video is the heat! Enjoy the adventure- Stinger

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