Disneyland & California Adventure Day 3

Today was our final day at Disneyland and California Adventure. There were Disney bucket lists flying around. Armed with final-day MaxPasses, we diced through our bucket lists and trounced through the day. We weren’t able to hit everything, but we got close.

There were more droids, although we didn’t make it back to Galaxy’s Edge.

There were also old favorites.

Lost Arks that needed raiding…

There were also roller coasters that needed conquering. Thankfully, today’s height measurement police deemed Sophia to be 48″ tall. Everyone rode Incredicoaster in California Adventure, but Sophia played some catch up and rode it 3 times.

On her last ride, she sat in the front seat. It’s awesome to see both kids loving roller coasters. We managed to get Tanya on Incredicoaster twice too!

We ended our park time with a couple old favorites and a few rides that the twins hadn’t been on. It’s amazing what Mario Kart has done to their driving skills…

We finished the Disney time with dinner at Brennan’s with Amber & Michael’s family. There was great food all around — and we, of course, finished off with mountains of Bananas Foster. (You HAVE to see this fire slomo video.)

It was wonderful to get to spend 3 action packed days with them, but sad to say “see you later.” They’re incredible friends to our entire family — until next time…

p.s. There are Disney photos and photos from Tanya’s phone I’ll add later.

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