Disneyland & California Adventure Day 2

Today was our second day slated for Disneyland and California Adventure. We had to knock out a quick errand before heading to the parks, so we met up with our friends there instead of making a big push together.

Like yesterday, we spent time in both parks. Here are some shots from today.

The kids all loved Splash Mountain.

California’s paper straws…

Health food time!

More water rides…

Despite riding it yesterday, they wouldn’t let Sophia on Incredicoaster today. Apparently her 48″ tall wasn’t quite 48″ today. It was super frustrating to get the thumbs up for her height on one day, then again at the start of the line today only to be turned away right before getting on the coaster. It was not a happy moment.

Still, we had a great time in both parks and stuck around until about 10pm.

We ended the day with Splash Mountain. We tried to convince the kids that a night time dunking wasn’t the best idea, but they were convinced it was. They might have learned a cold & wet lesson. We’ll see.

We’ll be back for more fun and our final day tomorrow!

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