Road Trip Spot #12 – Outlaw Trail RV Park outside Dinosaur National Monument

Because we couldn’t leave Josh’s place without getting another project done, I picked up an air pump and a couple other parts first thing in the morning. It was designed to plug into a 12V cigarette lighter power adapter, but since I planned to use it for my air bags and the air jack for those was at the back of my truck, the 12V power adapter wouldn’t do. Josh & I modified it to plug into a 7-pin trailer adapter instead.

Sure it’d be nice to have an integrated air compressor for the air bags, but I found a Slime 12V digital air compressor that lets you set a desired pressure then it turns off when it reaches that pressure. With the 7-pin power adapter, I just plug it in, set the pressure and hit go. It was really quick to top off the air bags (maybe 30 seconds to get to 35psi?). On top of that, with the air bags the Tundra now sits perfectly level when towing the trailer and the ride is a lot better – especially on bumpy roads.

We said goodbye to Josh (and cats, dogs, pool table, trampoline and skateboard) and hit the road early afternoon.

We stopped for lunch at a gorgeous tire-chain-up area in the mountains.

We got to Outlaw Trail RV Park in Jensen, UT just after dark. The RV park has asphalt roads and gravel spots with full hookups. Even though we got there late, one of the park owners met us and helped us get set up at our site.

Tanya & I both really like the smaller ma & pa-type RV parks. Their service is often much more personable than bigger chain RV parks. Outlaw Trail is just outside Dinosaur National Monument, so it seems perfect for our visit here.

We’re planning to hit Dinosaur National Monument tomorrow to teach the kids all about dinosaurs and earth’s history.

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