Road Trip Spot #11 – Salt Lake City, UT

Today was a travel day. Our Carlin Canyon neighbor left early in her adventure van. We got moving a little later. We took a break from breaking camp to take another hike around the river area. We didn’t see any of the ginormous crayfish we saw yesterday, but we did explore the USGS markers and we talked about how the USGS gaging stations are used (since there was one near where we stayed).

The drive was completely uneventful. Yay!! We got to our Spot #11 before dinner – Salt Lake City, UT. We’re staying in Tanya’s brother Josh’s giant driveway.

Tanya’s sister and her boyfriend Paul came over and made an awesome spread of butcher-fresh chicken & sausage along with all the fixings. We spent some great time catching up with family. The twins hung all over Paul & Josh and had a great time exploring all the great hide & seek spots in Josh’s house. The twins also spent some time honing their (non-existent) billiards skills.

One thing that’s great on a long road trip every now & then is knowing that you’ll end up at a place where people you know can catch a bunch of packages for you. We didn’t take a picture of it, but we had an Amazon-enabled Christmas today. It was some restocking, some upgrade parts and some new fun things we’ll use on our trip.

We’re staying here for a few nights. Since today is the first day that I’m officially a USAF retiree, I figured I should get one of those ID cards. We’re also planning to use Josh’s sweet garage & tool collection to do some work on the truck & trailer. Upgrades! (No supercharger yet though.)

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  1. Hey Tanya and Bryan,
    Kristie updated me on your retirement and new job. Congratulations! I guess I won’t be seeing you in Vegas when I go this year for my hockey tournament. Sounds like you guys are having a great road trip. If you are going to be in Salt Lake over the weekend, maybe you can talk Paul and Kristie into having us over for lunch on Sunday. or you can all come up to Ogden for my hockey game Sat night! HA! Anyway, good luck and have fun!
    Rachel Bowman

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