Road Trip Spot #9 – Reno, NV

Like I mentioned yesterday, the weather forecast didn’t look great today. So instead of having serious Fight Club with the weather, we decided to leave Lake Tahoe early this morning to beat the storm. Our planned Spot #9 was Shamrock RV Park in Reno, NV.

It was a gorgeous drive. US-50 & I-580 from Lake Tahoe to Reno are an easy drive pulling the travel trailer. The weather was perfect. We weren’t able to check in until 11am (which was still early), so we did some shopping in Reno on the way.

The people that run the office at Shamrock RV Park have been top notch in every interaction with them. The RV spots aren’t huge & roads between them are pretty tight, but the sites work fine for a parking lot style RV park. We started some laundry using their on-site laundry room (with 5 washing machines & lots of dryers) then checked out the other facilities. We read this online, but the reviews weren’t kidding – cleanest bathrooms ever. The RV park is kept up very well.

The storm hit about half way through washing our first loads of laundry. Hello, winter! It started as rain, then transitioned to a wintry mix, then again to snow. Sophia was amazed and wanted to be outside through all of it. Cameron was blown away that snow was covering the top of my truck. (The twins have lived their whole lives in Las Vegas, NV and in California’s Antelope Valley, so pretty much any kind of weather outside of hot & dry is new to them.)

After the laundry was done, we noticed a little bit of a problem with the trailer — a small water puddle by our bedroom door. I’m not sure if it was the rapid drop in temperature or if it was just time, but we had a leak somewhere. The water was right by the fresh water connection, so I removed the panel and noticed a some drips. After cleaning everything up, it looked like the external fresh water connection was the problem. So, we disconnected all the water and dried everything out before going to dinner.

For dinner, we tried out La Famiglia Ristorante Italiano. If you know me, you’d expect that the only shirts I brought on our trip were old work t-shirts, video game t-shirts and national park t-shirts. (You’d be right…sorry Tanya.) I was underdressed in my Lake Tahoe t-shirt, but they still let us in without any fuss. We met our friends Brie, Adam and their kids. The food was great. They did a great job with food allergies and we all wanted to eat more than would fit. So good! It was really awesome to catch up with Brie & Adam too. One of the biggest treats of this road trip is getting to see friends. Today was another great day for that.

We made it back to the RV park and the kids found their way to bed. After that, I did some more digging into our water leak thing. The city water connection wasn’t sealed properly when it was built, so I fixed that up (gotta love not noticing leaks because you live in the desert). I also discovered that the hose that led to that connection had a leak. I’ll pick up a new hose tomorrow and get that all squared away. No biggie.

Based on the weather forecast, we decided to spend another night in Reno. That should make tomorrow a low key, relaxing day and let us have smooth sailing in our upcoming travels.

Gorgeous drive, our first snow of the year, great dinner with great friends and a couple water drips to make things interesting. Love it!

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