Lake Tahoe

Today was our one and only full day in the Lake Tahoe area. Since Tanya’s fall early last week, she’s been fighting serious motion limitations and pain in her wrists, arms, back & neck. She was able to book a chiropractor appointment here followed by a 2 hour deep tissue massage. They were a good start to her healing.

The twins and I dropped her off at her massage and headed to the Camp Richardson beach area. The water was gorgeous…and cold. The kids made cool “fortresses” in the pebble-like sand complete with stone walls and pine needle decorations.

We got to see some C-130s (with their Four Fans of Freedom) and a CV-22 doing some work in the area. The twins dropped their fortress work when they saw the planes and were glued to them flying by.

I left my SLR’s power on yesterday, so my battery was dead as a doornail. I had planned on shooting some lake photos, but I had to skip it. I should really have a photography checklist. Still, we really enjoyed hanging out by the lake.

Sophia and Cameron love miniature golf. So miniature golf was next. We picked up Tanya and headed to Magic Carpet Mini Golf. Twenty eight holes worth of obstacles wasn’t enough for them, but we had a good time and also enjoyed the fabulous weather.

Tomorrow there’s a winter weather advisory for up here in the mountains. They’re talking about winds up to 60mph and 1-4 inches of snow starting around mid-day. There’s a good chance the weather rolling in would give me the opportunity to take some great photos (thundersnow over Lake Tahoe seems sweeeet). However, we’re scooting out of town early in the morning to hopefully dodge the weather and keep our travels safe. The truck’s all gassed up and we’re pretty much prepped to hook up the trailer in the morning and leave. Next!

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