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DISCLAIMER: Formation flying, aerobatics, low level flying & flying in general should only be performed by properly trained, experienced pilots in properly configured & capable aircraft. Just because you see video of me doing aerobatics, low level flying, or anything else does not mean it's ok for you to do the same. DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!

Please check out www.fly2lunch.com and Austin Outdoor Studio.

Jan 3, 2009: "Evolution." I shot some HD video today to test out my new camera. It's a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR & it appears to shoot very high quality video and stills (1080p or 21 megapixels). You can watch the video below in standard definition or go here for high definition. You can download the 720p version of the video at that link.
Evolution from Bryan Duke on Vimeo.

Nov 22, 2008: The plane was down for some work this summer and I started another business, so I've been slacking on new flying videos. I lucked out a couple weeks ago and got a sky with great looking clouds. In the same video stylings as my previous aerobatic videos, here is NONAHMÉ. This video is also available on YouTube.

NONAHMÉ (3:33 - 53MB)

Apr 5, 2008: I raced in the Sharpie 500 today & shot cockpit & tail camera video of the whole race. Just before my takeoff for the race, my headset died. So, I had to taxi back, shut down & borrow a headset. Thankfully, time for the race didn't start until I started my takeoff roll, so it didn't hurt my race speed. The video here, "Mach 4," is the entire race from start to shut down shown at 15x normal speed. Here is Mach 4.

Mach 4 (3:54 - 47MB)

Mar 22, 2008: I recently got an email from a friend asking about vertical rolls in the RV, so I went out to practice a few to come up with a technique to fly them. This is some of the footage from that flight. It includes vertical rolls & other aerobatics along with some low level flying through the local hills. The video was shot on Feb 16, 2008. The music is "Shop Vac" by Jonathan Coulton used under Creative Commons License. The name of the video, Acceleroto, is a mashup from two Latin words: Accelero and Roto. Accelero translates as "to accelerate." Roto loosely translates as "to whirl around." Accelero + Roto = Acceleroto. Here is Acceleroto.

Acceleroto (3:52 - 41MB)

Nov 25, 2007: A while back I did a formation flight after a Young Eagles rally with a fellow pilot from work. His Velocity is gorgeous and was fun to fly with. We took off from Mohave Spaceport and did our formation work in between Rosamond and Tehachapi. After the formation I did some single-ship aerobatics and, of course, some low level flying. "Weeds," the title, is a term used to describe an aircraft's altitude. You do the math. The video was shot on Oct 13, 2007. The music is "Get the Funk Out" provided by Eric D. Rucker Jr. of Unknown Music Productions. Here is Weeds.

Weeds (3:49 - 40MB)

October 7, 2007: I briefed & flew a formation aerobatics flight with my friend & fellow test pilot Deuce today. Unfortunately, about 15 minutes into our flight his engine started acting up. So, we cut our flight short. After we were safely on the ground, I went back up & shot a little single-ship acro video. This is the first video with both my tailcam and an in-cockpit camera simultaneously. Here is "Ditchin' The Wingdog." This video is more enjoyable when played to your own copy of Nickleback's song "Rockstar."

Ditchin' The Wingdog (4:23 - 45MB)

August 4, 2007: The tailcam is done! After a test flight, I flew about an hour worth of aerobatics & low level flying. Music for this video was provided by Eric Rucker of Unknown Music Productions. Here is "The Dawn."

The Dawn (3:28 - 37MB)

July 25, 2007: The pile of video on the cutting room floor was too big not to put together another video. So, here is "More."

Video: "More" (4:48 - 50MB)

June 30, 2007: I'm about to cut into my tail for the new tailcam. Before I did that, I wanted to get one more aerobatic video shot. This video is more enjoyable when played with your copy of the Gin Blossom's song "Follow You Down." "This Was Fun..."

Video: "This Was Fun..." (4:30 - 48MB)

25 May 07: I bought a new lipstick/bullet camera to mount on the vertical tail. I shot some test video with it mounted on a RAM Mount in the cockpit. More details on my new tailcam are here. I did some aerobatics in the local area & edited it into this video. The video is more enjoyable when played with your copy of Avril Lavigne's song "Runway."

Video: "A Day Off Work" (3:45 - 41MB)

8 Mar 05: I mounted my video camera on the left canopy rail using a RAM-Mount. The mount isn't tall enough to look over the dashboard to the front, so I shot video looking out the left wing.

Looking Left (5:00 - 12.5MB)

14 Jan 05: I did some flying with our good friend Chris Reeder today. We took up 2 people each from the skydive center at Boulder City & everyone had a great time. Two of the passengers shot video & 1 other shot photos of our plane.

Video from Chris' airplane (2:00 - 5MB)