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8 Oct 06: I obviously need to post more photos here - it's been a long time. However, the RV hasn't seen too much flying this year since I'm in the middle of Test Pilot School. The SoCal RV group decided to have a lunch gathering at Kern Valley airport today. I flew up with Steve Peute in his Cessna 140, Brent & Carrie Reinhardt in their gorgeous Velocity XL and Pat Peters with Kim Peute in Pat's RV-6. Steve & Kim flew the 140 down from Mohave to meet everyone for the pre-flight brief. We took off as two 2-ships. I flew our RV with Steve's 140 at a blazing 80mph the whole way there.

Click for the Kern Valley photo gallery

Once we got to the Lake Isabella, just south of the airport, we formed up the 4-ship and took some photos. After a few minutes, we took spacing and followed the Velocity into Kern Valley & dutifully echoed their "gear down" call like good wingmen. After landing we were pleased to see over 20 RVs there & several other stragglers. We successfully swamped the cafe there, but all had great meals & enjoyed the company & sitting outside.

Click for the Kern Valley photo gallery

I flew the flight back single ship & bypassed the Tehachapi stop most others made for their cheap gas. Check out the photos from today!

19 Aug 06: Today I flew up to Big Bear to meet Tonka & Trish Douglas for breakfast. As always, the food & service at the restaurant on the field were great. After breakfast we flew together to get some pictures of each other.

Edwards AFB passing by on the way to Big Bear

Bad car wreck on I-15 near Bakersfield

Tonka & Trish's Lancair 320

13 Aug 06: We flew to Las Vegas for lunch today to meet some friends who were visiting from Japan. We landed at North Las Vegas and parked next to a friend's new Lancair 320.

Tonka & Trish's Lancair 320

On the way home

The EFIS/Lite G3 is gone...waiting on the G4

2 Apr 06: The annual is done. I fixed or replaced everything I could find wrong with the plane before the A&P showed up to check out the plane. I did miss something: he found a broken zip tie. Other than that, it was a compression check and lots of mirrors, flashlights & paperwork. I still have a few parts to put back on the plane, but it's close to flying again...can't wait!

29 Mar 06: We moved to Edwards AFB in December 2005. I didn't have a hangar when we moved, so the plane visited Fox Field in Lancaster for a couple weeks. Once we got the hangar, I moved the plane to its new home, Rosamond Skypark (L00). The day I moved the plane to Rosamond, I had a few electrical problems. I replaced the alternator & battery contactor & all was good.

Test Pilot School & moving has kept me very busy since we moved, so the plane has pretty much just been a hangar queen. I have been slowly working on getting the annual done though. Here are some photos of the alternator belt change I did. Sadly, you have to pull the prop to change the belt. Tanya helped me remove the prop & a friend helped me put it back on. I plan on finishing the annual inspection this weekend.

We're two hangars to the East of the Golden Cantina. Stop by!

11 Sep 05: Dula & Pat Delaney hosted a formation clinic at Boulder City this weekend. There were 7 RV's and an Extra 300 that logged a combined total of 31 hours of flight training over the weekend. Thanks to Pat, Mike & everyone else for shooting over 1000 photos of the event!

24 May 05: The plane is now officially "down for mods" for our new panel install. See photos & text of the progress at our panel rebuild page.

6 May 05: Tanya bought me (us?) an Advanced Flight Systems AF2500 engine monitor and a new panel for my upcoming birthday. The new panel is now our big summer project for the plane. Our current plans for the new panel are shown in the photo below.

2 May 05: I flew to Rosamond Skypark, CA (L00) to pick up our friend Chris Reeder after dropping off his Pitts at it's new hangar. We met in the air for a few photos & the arrival. Dan Checkoway was flying in the area in his RV-7 also, but I only heard him on Joshua Approach - we didn't see each other. The new EFIS works upside down! (No surprise.)

29 Apr 05: Trip to Alamogordo & Cloudcroft, NM for our anniversary & some friends' wedding. The weather was bad most of the trip, so we didn't take any flying photos.

24 Apr 05: I finished the installation of our new Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS/Lite today. Here are the photos:

6 Feb 05: We flew to Sedona, AZ (SEZ) for lunch today. The scenery there is amazing. Photos can't do it justice. Here are a few photos anyway...

15 Jan 05: We went to our first fly-out lunch today. We met alot of the SoCal RV group at Laughlin, NV (Bullhead City) and ate at the Flamingo Casino buffet. Here are photos of most of the RV's on the ramp & a few photos from waiting for takeoff.

14 Jan 05: I did some flying with our good friend Chris Reeder today. We took up 2 people each from the skydive center at Boulder City & everyone had a great time. Two of the passengers shot video & 1 other shot photos of our plane.

08 Jan 05: We moved the airplane to it's new hangar at Boulder City today. We also removed the "Grandpa's Delight" text from around the nose art and put our names on the canopy. We just had to leave the nose art - looks like a Grandpa with an RV-6 hat. We're thinking of adding a "by Jack" under the nose art.

02 Jan 05: We took our first breakfast trip in the airplane today to Apple Valley, Ca.

22 Dec 04: I finished my solo flight requirements (for the insurance) today & took Tanya up for her first flight in the plane.

19 Dec 04: I picked up the plane today!

Jack taxing in at North Las Vegas. He picked me up for the day's flying.

Our insurance required me to get a 1 hour checkout with an RV-6 instructor. I flew with Jim Roberts at Tehachapi:

Jack flew us to Crystal Airport (46CN) and I flew the plane to Las Vegas from there:

11 Dec 04: Photos from the pre-buy inspection. Jack (the seller & builder) prepped the airplane for the inspection. Gary Sobek flew up from Cable and performed the "official duties."

Gary Sobek's plane (red tail) and Paul & Victoria Rosales Taxiing up to visit

Jack & I after the inspection

5 Dec 04: Here are a few photos from our first trip to see the airplane.